This house viewing has been anticipated and it is finally here. Come and familiarise yourself with the Nuuna house showing, which has been implemented on the basis of Log Villa Nuuna 87S.

Kuusamo Log Houses’ Nuuna log villas have charmed people for almost 19 years. Come and virtually familiarise yourself now with one of the most popular Nuuna models. You can access the house showing by clicking the image below.

Holiday Home Nuuna 87 surrounded by snowy forest.
The house showing of the Nuuna log villa will open by clicking on the image. Welcome to the show!


  • Model: Log villa Nuuna 87S customer adaptation
  • Log: laminated log LHP 202×220 mm (pine)
  • Corner type: cross corner joint
  • Floors: 1
  • Floor area: 87 m²
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Notes: This stunning Nuuna is an adaption of the Nuuna 87S model, which has been built in the freezing conditions of Lapland. The size of the log villa’s vestibule and the entrance of the toilet has been adapted from the collection model. The atmospheric and additional heat-generating fireplace has been positioned as a partitioning element in the rear part of the lounge. The decorative logs at the ceiling of the lounge are available as an optional element to add character. The warm hallway at the rear of the building keeps the extreme freezing conditions outdoors when opening the rear door. Log villa Nuuna 87S was built in 2012 and the virtual showing was implemented in 2021.
Spacious lounging area of Holiday home Nuuna. The fireplace at the middle gives a cosy feeling during cold winter days.
At the centre of the Nuuna log villa is a spacious lounging area.

Log Villa Nuuna – New Era Of Leisure Housing!

Our Nuuna grandpa, Christer Östman, has told us the following about the creation of Nuuna:

– Everyone who designs buildings for a living will sometimes dream of a situation where they get their hands on something positively different. In my case, Nuuna was just that.

The first, original Nuuna, Nuuna 80 was designed in 2003 and was built the following summer.

– The idea of Nuuna was to experience stepping into a space that seemed to continue all the way outdoors, as part of nature, as soon as you step inside, says Christer.

At the Mäntyharju holiday home fair in 201, we presented the Nuuna 85s, which interior design was designed by Jukka Rintala. The open, spacious and unique Nuuna also received praises for its adaptability and the public chose Nuuna as the best log villa of the fair.

The first Nuuna villa collection was also launched at the Mäntyharju holiday home fair, and the collection includes Nuuna variations from 37-square-metre little villas to a 122-square-metre second home.

– The spaciousness is emphasised in even the smaller Nuuna models. The ceiling is very high, only the birds are missing, says Christer as he describes the atmosphere of Nuuna.

The master bedroom of Holiday Home Nuuna. The brown log walls give a cozy feeling.
Nuuna models are easy to adapt. In this log villa 87s image, you can see the master bedroom placed in the so-called wing of Nuuna.

The easy adaptability of Nuuna is apparent in all of the Nuuna models. In the so-called wings of Nuuna, you can place a sauna, bedrooms, kitchen or office, as needed.

Find out more about the Nuuna collection.

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