Kuusamo Log Houses is a professional and reliable partner in the log home and wooden house markets. We have operated in the export markets since the very beginning of our twenty-year-long history. We offer log and cut system houses of all sorts. Our products include restaurants, hotels, detached houses, villas, cabins and sauna buildings. Here you can familiarised in the houses we have delivered.

We cooperate with Pölkky Oy, which is Northern Finland’s largest sawmill. Our turnover is a total of approx. 180 million euros.

Why choose Kuusamo Log Houses as a partner?

Reliable and safe

We are a reliable and safe partner. Our more than twenty-year-old company has established its position in the log home market. Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy has been granted the European Technical Approvals ETA-13/0294 and ETA-11/0207 which entitle the use of CE marking in our products. We also have AAA credit rating. Approximately 3% of Finnish companies have reached this achievement.


High quality raw material, professional design, production that implements the most recent technology, as well as personal service; these are the cornerstones of our high-quality products. Read about the experiences of our long-term partner.

Suitable size

We are a family business which currently employs about 50 people. Our four production lines allow more than a thousand homes to be delivered on an annual basis, so we are able to provide solutions for larger projects too. In terms of size, we are among Finland’s five largest log home suppliers. We are of a suitable size, but we are also suitably small, so we can serve each customer in an individual and flexible manner.

Northern wood

Our factory is situated in Northern Finland, near the Artic Circle. According to forest experts, the best raw timber in Finland that is suitable for construction can be found growing in this area. Log builders appreciate northern wood. The share of core wood in it, which is used to produce rot-proof logs, is extremely large. We produce the strong frame and roof structures and most of the wall and ceiling panels of our buildings with the same wood. Familiarise in our raw material.

Environmentally friendly choice

We find it to be important that construction work is as environmentally friendly as possible. We ensure that our operations take the principles of sustainable development into account.

Wood is the only construction material with legal origin and sustainable production that can be certified. Our wood supplier, Pölkky, was the first Finnish wood-processing company to be awarded the international PEFC certificate. The certificate requires that the origin of the wood used as raw material can be verified at any time. This is an indication that Pölkky uses wood that has been produced according to sustainable development requirements.

The average detached house in Finland holds approximately 30 tonnes of the air’s carbon dioxide in its wooden structures – that equates to the average driving-related carbon dioxide emissions of one consumer over a period of more than 10 years. Read more about environmentally friendly and healthy housing.

How to become our importer?

We are seeking more Kuusamo representatives. We are interested in partners who have experience in the building sector and who have the opportunity to offer a house building project from start to finish. We require market familiarity, stable economics and the will to develop and learn new things. Do you want to find out more? Please contact us by submitting the following form. We will contact you soon!

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