Genuine northern wood


In the adjacent map, you can see our wood acquisition areas, which extend to both sides of the Artic Circle. According to forest experts, the best raw timber in Finland that is suitable for construction can be found growing in this area.

Log builders appreciate northern wood, because the share of core wood in it, which is used to produce rot-proof logs, is abnormally large. We produce the strong roof structures and most of the wall and ceiling panels of our buildings with the same wood.

Our cooperation partner Pölkky Oy, which is a family-run business from Kuusamo, processes and delivers the raw materials for our production. This Finnish wood-processing company is the first to have been issued the international PEFC certificate. The requirements for being issued the certificate include that the wood raw material used in processing has been acquired from certified forests and that the origin of the wood can be verified at any time.


Correct raw material for the correct location

Each log that comes to our sawmills is unique. The prerequisite for an even and good quality is that the raw material to be machined is quality-classed and timber material that is best suited is selected for each section of the log building.

In order to ensure that a sufficient amount of suitable and high-quality raw material for log construction would be available, the log home production requires large amounts of raw material to operate. The growth and high-quality of Kuusamo Log Houses has been maintained by our raw material supplier, Pölkky Oy, which processes on average 120 full trailers of saw logs every working day.