Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy invests in a new production line

Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy responds to the significantly growing sales and turnover by investing in the construction of a production line that represents the most recent technology, the expansions of production facilities required by the new production line, as well as premises required for the storage of raw materials. The investments will reach a total of approximately two million euros. Kuusamo Log Houses wishes to continue to be a pioneer in quality in the log industry with its top northern wood raw material.

The new production line with significantly increase the efficiency of production and will support the introduction of new planned products, both in Finland and in export markets. Investments shall be carried out for the log home factory situated in Kuusamo during the years 2019 and 2020. Investments are expected to further improve the company’s competitivity, create new jobs and allow the growth of turnover.

The Finnish Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014-2020 structural fund and the Northern Ostrobothnia ELY centre help Kuusamo Log Houses to implement the project.