Our roots originate from Koillismaa

The operations of the family-run business, Kuusamo Log Houses, root back to Northern Finland near the Arctic Circle. At their home village in North Kuusamo, at the shore of Lake Kitkajärvi, brothers Simo and Arto Orjasniemi began manufacturing villas and houses in the early 1990s. Arto designed and sold the range of buildings, and his older brother Simo was responsible for lathing the logs.

Entrepreneurs know what true work is all about. During the busiest season in the early summer, the company’s four employees work in four shifts – two employees worked for six hours at once, after which they had a six-hour break. Thereafter, six hours of work followed by another six hours to rest – around the clock!

The high-quality and competitive log buildings produced by the brothers sold well and as the demand continued to grow, Jouko and Antti Virranniemi who were the owner brothers of the local sawmill, Pölkky Oy, joined in at the end of 1997. Together the four brothers decided to combine their skills and Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy was founded at the beginning of 1998. Arto took over the management of the company as the Managing Director, Simo was responsible for production and the Virranniemi brothers operated in the company’s Board of Directors.

Kuusamo Log Houses today

Just over twenty years later, the two-man company has grown in to a reliable and financially sound log building operator which employs more than 50 people. With the help of Finnish persistence and determination, the company that has undergone strong growth has always been financially strong and solvent, the company has achieved a positive result during every year of operations. Kuusamo Log Houses (Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy in Finnish) has a AAA credit rating.

The company continues to operate as a family business, and the owners are actively involved in the company’s operations. Arto Orjasniemi works as the Managing Director and Simo Orjasniemi is the Production Director. The owners Jouko Virranniemi, and along with the change of generation Petteri and Tuomas Virranniemi, influence in management board work also bringing in the vote of partial owner Pölkky Oy.

At the moment, Kuusamo Log Houses annually supplies the domestic and export markets 400-500 log buildings, and the company’s turnover is approx. 15 million euros.

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