Are you interested in a virtual tour of a log semi-detached home in the fells? You are welcome to tour both parts of this unique log duplex! This semi-detached log house is almost done, and we got to take pictures inside. Click on the images below and access a virtual showing to get a taste of that cabin feeling.

You are welcome to visit the larger half of the log duplex. You can enter the virtual viewing by clicking the image.
There are two bedrooms in the smaller half of the semi-detached log duplex. You can access the virtual showing by clicking on the image.


  • Model: A unique semi-detached log duplex designed by the architect and customers together
  • Log: laminated log LHM 202×220 mm, pine
  • Corner type: sheered corner joint
  • Floor area: apartment A 139 m², apartment B 86 m²
  • Bedrooms: apartment A: 3 bedrooms, apartment B 2 bedrooms
  • Notes: The log duplex is designed for use as a holiday home by the owners themselves and for renting. The log duplex was designed by an architect hired by the customers and based on their wishes and sketches.

A log duplex in the fells is suited for vacationing both in the winter and summer

This semi-detached log duplex is made entirely of logs – the customers wanted to speed up the construction this way. The view of the nearby fell from the lot was considered when placing the windows, terraces, and balconies.

The year-round needs of holiday-goers have been well accounted for in the design of the duplex. Both apartments include dryer cabinets for drying clothes that get wet on the slopes or during a hike in the summer. Both summer and winter equipment are easily stored in the car port. The open lounge and kitchen on the bottom floors of both apartments of the atmospheric log duplex bring vacationers together after the day’s activities.

A good night’s sleep is what you need after an active day. Our customers have told us that the good indoor air at the cabin makes it easy to enjoy good sleep at the log duplex.

Are you dreaming of a log villa in the fells?

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