You are welcome to look around the log home Kultsi on a virtual house tour! We have been able to follow the progress of the construction of the unique log home Kultsi in our Kuusamo blog as reported by Taija.

You’re welcome to come and take a look at log home Kultsi! You can enter the virtual viewing by clicking the image.


  • Model: unique log home
  • Log: laminated log LHM 230×220 mm
  • Timber type: spruce
  • Corner type: sheered corner joint
  • Floors: 1
  • Floor area: 150 m²
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Notes: the model is built according to mutual plans by an architect and the customer. The progress of the construction has been followed in our Kuusamo blog.

No Alternative for a Log Home

The selection of a house type was always clear for this nature-loving family. Wood offers them something important and intimate. Its presence calms and creates well-being, as well as takes your mind off hectic everyday life. After finding a plot they liked, they spent a lot of time there, visiting it for example together with the architect. It is indeed recommended to visit your chosen plot. This makes it possible to get a grasp of how the environment, trees, and light make a difference on the plot before setting plans to paper.

Take a Look at the Progress of the Construction of Log Home Kultsi

In her blog, Taija called the construction project an effort to bring together various compromises. Plot requirements, budget, and the wishes of each family member are typical challenges in home construction. The family is happy with the end result, and you cannot emphasise mutual understanding enough.  Read the story of the log home Kultsi over at the Kuusamo blog.