You are welcome to take a look inside this modern city home! The two-storey Hiisi 173 is a customer conversion of our popular Hiisi 173 Log Home model.

A modern two-storey city home with dark surfaces and clean lines on a small plot.
You are welcome to take a look inside this modern two-storey city home! You can access the virtual showing by clicking on the image.


  • Model: Log Home Hiisi 173 with minor dividing wall modifications
  • Log: non-settling laminated log LHX 202×220 mm, spruce
  • Corner type: sheered corner joint
  • Floors: 2
  • Floor area: 173 m²
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Notes: Fitting well on its small plot, the modern city home Hiisi meets the customer’s wishes and needs. The standard model was modified by changing the dividing walls of the downstairs utility and washing rooms. The window and door solutions are likewise different from the standard delivery.

Light and dark surfaces

When stepping into the house, the visitor encounters an impressive black tile floor and black fixtures in the entrance hall. The housing fair destination Hiisi 173 is decorated well with plenty of attention to detail. The exciting contrast between light wood and dark detailing is utilised to the fullest in the interior of this modern city home.

Downstairs houses the shared rooms: an open lounge with a well-equipped kitchen at the other end. The lounge is partially open all the way up, and the tall windows let in light even on dark winter days. The utility room and washing rooms are also downstairs.

There are three spacious bedrooms upstairs. There is a large coatroom connected to the main bedroom. Pink detailing and colourful flowery wallpaper make the children’s room a delightful experience.

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