We welcome you to see the Villa Hiisi log home for yourself on our virtual house tour! Villa Hiisi is a customer conversion of our popular Hiisi 173 Log Home model.

The white two-storey Villa Hiisi log house has a grey gabled roof. The windows and doors are also grey. The backyard lawn is starting to grow.
You can take our virtual house tour of Villa Hiisi by clicking on the image. Welcome!


  • Model: Villa Hiisi, a modification of the Hiisi 173 Log Home model completed according to customer specifications
  • Log: laminated log LHM 202×220 mm, spruce
  • Corner type: sheered corner joint
  • Floors: 2
  • Floor area: 159 m²
  • Bedrooms: 3 + office
  • Notes: This log home includes functional remote work stations for both adults. The pent roof in the original model was converted into a gabled roof pursuant to local zoning requirements.
There is a lightly coloured corner sofa in front of the large windows in the corner of the living room. There is a dark grey baking oven fireplace in the opposite corner.
Large windows create an open atmosphere in the lounge area. There is a combined baking oven and fireplace in the corner of the living room that is much used, especially in the winter.

Accidental house builders

The entrance to the log house with a gabled roof has been indented and painted in a brownish colour to create a contrast with the otherwise white outer walls.
Villa Hiisi has an impressive entrance. Two large windows open a view to the stairwell.

Johanna and Henkka started dreaming of their own house slightly by accident. In the spring of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic put the busy everyday life to a halt and a detached house viewing on Easter Saturday became the intention to purchase the plot of the adjacent area. Finding the right place and remote work becoming more common meant that it was finally possible to make the dream home come true. 54 weeks later they moved into their own log home, called Villa Hiisi.

Get to know the stages of construction of Villa Hiisi

Picture of the kitchen along two walls. Black cupboard doors and furniture frames create contrast while the island in the middle creates more space for cooking.
Copper-coloured details in the black kitchen create contrast with the otherwise lightly coloured interior.

The construction project required cooperation from both the couple as well as the house supplier and the contractor. First-time builders Johanna and Henkka have written articles about the various stages of their project in the Kuusamo blog. Travel along with Johanna and Henkka in the Kuusamo blog:

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