The Nuuna villa, with its joyful interior design, charmed the visitors of the holiday home trade fair in Kalajoki in 2014. And it continues to be a charmer - the colourful interior design is now even more topical than during the year of the trade fair.

More and more log buildings have been produced in Kuusamo during recent years. Kuusamo Log Houses has increased its market share in the sales of log detached homes and holiday homes. One model, which has increased the pace, has been the Nuuna villa model, which has characteristic shapes and open spaces that have charmed a large group of holiday builders.

Nuuna’s living room widens towards the beach. VM-Carpet has woven carpets that follow the shapes of the room. The furniture has been manufactured by HT-Collection using fabrics selected by the interior designer. The partition walls have Tikkurila’s structural wallpaper, which can be painted. All of the luminaires are from Valaisin Grönlund.

Success has been accelerated by the white Nuuna, which was seen at Kalajoki’s Holiday Home Trade Fair in 2014. The trade fair site, which was built on sand at the small shore of Aurinkolampi, was made into the most attractive Nuuna entity of all times. It charmed the entire trade fair audience, and the site won the public vote with a clear difference compared to its competitors. The brightness and the trade fair home’s interior design were truly amazing.

The main idea of the floor plan was a wedge-like living room, which is entered directly from the entrance door. There is no hallway – however, one is certainly possible if the customer wishes for one. The living room widens and increases in height in such a way that the wedge-like window wall reminisces the bow of a ship. The other room spaces can be freely placed on both sides of the living room. The number of bedrooms is easy to adapt, and the size of the kitchen can be increased or decreased. Now, even large, detached homes have been based on the Nuuna version, and they have even included three floors, including a basement.

Interior designer Sirkka-Liisa Murtovaara was given the freedom to develop Nuuna’s trade fair look. The end result is a colourful and streamlined entity in which skilled professionals from Kuusamo play an important role. Villa and at the shore of Kalajoki’s Aurinkolampi. The sea can be seen at a short walking distance.

Kalajoki’s trade fair house was built on a good plot at the shore of Aurinkolampi. The sauna premises were naturally placed in such a way that the terrace can be accessed directly from the sauna steams, and from there, you can go for a swim. There are two bedrooms in the 111 square-metre surface area of the home.

Kuusamo Workers’ Joint Work Of Art

In the window corner, there is PS-Kaluste’s Media cabinet, which can be used to hide away all the home’s digital devices. It was designed by Timo A. Pehkonen, and the spacing of the doors replicates the silhouettes of tree branches. The spacing has been upholstered with fabric so that sound flows out of the cabinet even when the sliding doors are closed. On top of the cabinet, there are artist Tuula Suojarinne’s six different ceramic birds.

The trade fair villa was a joint work of art completed by six skilled professionals from Kuusamo. The log house factory wanted an experienced interior designer living in Kuusamo, Sirkka-Liisa Murtovaara, to design the site. The municipal furniture manufacturer, PS-Kaluste, delivered the fixed furnishing and wooden furniture to the house. Jarmo Pitkänen is also from Kuusamo, although he has travelled around the world for years, and as a souvenir, he has brought back skills, top cuisine and ceramic production. Jarmo’s Studio Tundra dishware was also seen in the trade fair’s interior design. All the timber of the building originates from the municipality’s largest employer’s, Pölkky Oy’s, production facilities. The interior design was finished off by artist Auli Haataja’s paintings.

Colour and joy can be seen in the house. Lennoli’s colourful cushions are everywhere, and a cheerful green striped fabric is on the armchairs. A warm brown structural coating is in the fireplace. A fireplace as eye-catching as this one will rarely be seen.

The shapes of the wedge-shaped Nuuna and interior designer Sirkka-Liisa Murtovaara’s colourful entity charmed the visitors of Kalajoki trade fair, and the site won all categories of the public vote. At the end of the bed are artist Auli Haataja’s angel balls.

The interior design, which is bursting with joy, looks perhaps even better than it did six years ago. During the last two years, interior design trends have focused on bright colours and some Finns have already moved away from their careful Scandinavian style and embraced European courage.

The ‘Never gets old’ article was first published in the Uusi Koti magazine 3/2020. The article was written by Jorma Välimaa, and the photographs were taken by Hans Koistinen.

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