The popular Close log home collection is expanding with five new models.

The demand for smaller home models continues to grow and the smallest log home of the models to be added to the Close* collection is the 82-square-metre Tyyni 82. Another one-storey model is Hehku 100, which has taken modern needs, such as for a remote workstation, into consideration.

One of the most popular models from the original Close* collection has become Hiisi 173. For this reason, we wanted to add three new Hiisi-type log homes to our collection. The names of the new homes are Pihka 124, Sysi 132 and Usva 151. The homes differ from each other to a suitable extent and add variety to our collection of 2-storey homes. The new models also have some of the Hiisi model’s characteristic features, such as being a two-storey home, large living room windows and an attractive main entrance.

-The Close* collection sharpened our home collection further and added a nice additional boost to log home sales. The collection has established its place in our already extensive home model selection and I look forward to find out how our new models are welcomed. In sales, there has been particular excitement around the new versions of the Hiisi model, says Antti Hokkinen, Chief Business Officer at Kuusamo Log Houses.

Marketing manager, Kari-Peka Määttä, who has been involved in the collection’s development team, considers the design process to have been very intriguing and challenging.

-There’s probably nothing quite as pleasant as designing log-built homes. Creative work at its best when considering the home’s nature, picture of the period with its remote workstations and flowing lights. And at the same time, challenge and difficulty arise from the fact that we approach construction in the collection from, in some way, the wrong direction; we do not have a known plot in knowledge, instead we consider how the home would work in various situations on a small urban plot and in the peace of the countryside while meeting the needs of a larger and smaller family, Määttä says.

-The objective of the new collection is to bring inspiration to house construction. Together with Kuusamo sales representatives, our customers can easily adapt the new models according to their own wishes and needs, as always, states Kari-Pekka Määttä, Marketing Manager, with a smile on his face.

You can find out more about the new log home models here.