Kari Heikkilä shall continue as the person in charge of Kuusamo Log Houses’ production.

Kari started working as the production manager in stages during the summer. At the beginning of October, he took over full responsibility for production when one of the founders of the company, Simo Orjasniemi, retired. Kari is a long-term wood industry professional with roots at Kuusamo.

– My own feelings are very good. My level of motivation was high when I studied log house construction. Of course, my workdays have also stretched out at the beginning as I develop my controls in production management and strive to complete things. When I consider my own experiences, which include, e.g., 14 years of experience in just the machinery side, I have a lot to offer. And I believe that through technical development work, we can gain more quality and quantity in production, says Kari.