The installation work of the new production line has been completed.

A year ago, Kuusamo Log Houses published its two-million-euro investment plans for two new warehouses, the extension of its production hall and the procurement of a new production line. The plans have progressed according to schedule despite the prevailing situation.

The warehouse shelters built in the factory area were introduced in the early spring. At the same time, the extension work of the production hall have been underway and the new production line arrived at the factory at the end of April. The installation work of the new Hundegger production line, which arrived from Germany, was completed in June.

-Our company’s second Hundegger production line provides additional capacity particularly for working on popular sheered-corner-jointed villas and detached homes. Our delivery reliability is also further increased, Simo Orjasniemi says.

“The introduction of additional capacity has arrived at just the right time.”

Arto Orjasniemi, Managing Director

– We are pleased that the investments progressed according to schedule in terms of the new production line. The share of detached houses in our sales has further increased, so the introduction of additional capacity has arrived at just the right time. At this stage, I would also like to thank Pölkky Oy for our good collaboration, we were able to manage the temporary timber challenges at the beginning of the year in a smooth manner. As a result, we have been able to sell our production capacity throughout the entire spring and summer in a normal manner, comments Arto Orjasniemi, Managing Director.

The company’s board of directors have a positive outlook on the future.

-At the moment, people are spending an increasing amount of time at home and at their holiday homes. The importance of a home and functional premises is emphasised. We believe that this will be seen on the real estate and holiday home market over the next couple of years, even if the pandemic sets its own challenges for the market, Arto Orjasniemi says.

The Finnish Sustainable Growth and Jobs 2014-2020 structural fund and the Northern Ostrobothnia ELY centre help Kuusamo Log Houses to implement the project.