Kuusamo Log Houses has reformed its strategy, and the prepared strategy extends to 2025. Producing quality of life for people is at the core of the strategy.

The reform of Kuusamo Log Houses’ strategy started in the autumn of 2019. After several workshops and group meetings, the Board of Kuusamo Log Houses issued its approval and support for the reformed strategy.

Kuusamo Log Houses’ vision is to be among the most well-known log house manufacturers and the most profitable operator in its sector by 2025. The business idea is to produce quality of life for people.

Most of the strategy’s first stage has been completed by the operational management together with the workers during 2021. Procedures have included, for example, the significant increase in design resources, customer satisfaction survey and the employees’ occupational satisfaction survey. In addition to this, cooperation with Pölkky has been developed from a strategic perspective.

Quality Of Life At Kuusamo Log Houses

About the “We produce quality of life for people” business idea, it is worth mentioning how quickly it rose to become a favourite among many workgroup members. The idea combines both the knowledge and emotions associated with the different quality factors of log housing.

In 2021, the strategy will become visible to partners, our customers and in our marketing.

The strategy will never be entirely complete, but instead, matters require continuous processing and updating.

Arto Orjasniemi, CEO

The assembly of the working group has had comprehensive participation from every unit of our company. An experienced third party was responsible for the management of the project, which enabled large-scale entities to be reviewed within the agreed schedule. The working group delved into matters concerning future forms of accommodation, company values and clarified the company’s business idea.

– Our new strategy provides good guidelines for our operations for several years to come. We now have clear objectives, and we are heading towards them, Arto Orjasniemi summarises.

– The strategy will never be entirely complete, but instead, matters require continuous processing and updating, states Arto.