Are you interested in a virtual tour of a log semi-detached home? The log semi-detached home, which was built in Finland, consists of two 96 m2 log homes. Take your time to find out more about the atmosphere created by log by clicking on the image below.

Spacious living room of the log semi-detached homes apartment.
Welcome to discover the log semi-detached home’s 96 m2 three-bedroom apartment. You can access the showing by clicking on the image.


  • Model: a log semi-detached home, which consists of two 96 m2 log homes, created on the basis of the customer’s own images
  • Log: laminated spruce log LHM 202×220 mm
  • Corner type: sheered corner joint
  • Floors: 1
  • Floor area: 96 m2 / home
  • Bedrooms: 2

Log Semi-Detached Home: Pay Attention To The Following Details

The floor plan of the log semi-detached home.
The log semi-detached home has two 96 m² apartments. Both bedrooms have more than 12 m² of space. Note the hallway’s good storage solutions too.
  • The log semi-detached home, which was built by a construction company, has to 96 m2 log homes.
  • The spacious two-bedroom homes have two 12 m2 bedrooms, a spacious hallway and utility room, an open and bright living area and a separate toilet.
  • The vast field views can be admired from the living area’s windows.
  • Both homes have a good-sized, sheltered terrace, which is accessed from the sliding doors in the living area.
Outdoor photo of the log semi-detached home.
There is a heated storage room in connection with the main entrances of both of the log semi-detached home’s apartments. The log wall between the terraces provides privacy.
Stunning field views open out from the large windows of the log semi-detached home’s living area. The sliding doors provide access to the sheltered terrace in the back garden.
View to kitchen from the living area. The kitchen cabinets are white.
There is a well-equipped kitchen behind the dining table and chairs. The unique interior design provides a finishing touch to the log home.

Are You Planning Your Own Log Semi-Detached Home?

Find out more about, for example, semi-detached home Mustola. The log semi-detached home Mustola combines a spacious family apartment and a smaller home, which is suitable as e.g., a rental apartment.

We also implement semi-detached homes according to your own plans. Your local Kuusamo Representative will be happy to help and provide additional information on the different options.

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