We regularly review our customers’ satisfaction with our services, range, and production. Our blog post offers a glimpse into the results of our latest customer satisfaction survey.

Once again, the Kuusamo Log Houses Experiences survey provided us with valuable information about our customers and their experiences. The mindset of our company is based on the desire to develop our operations, services, and range into an even better entirety. This cannot be done without the most important element – you, our dear customers!

Because of this, we once again conducted an extensive customer satisfaction survey, the results of which came in this spring. The Kuusamo Hirsitalot Experiences customer satisfaction survey focused on our customers in Finland in 2018-2020; the survey is a follow-up to the respective survey in 2018.

At our request, the customer satisfaction survey was conducted by the consulting and research company Innolink using e-mail questionnaires and telephone interviews in spring 2021. The number of responses was impressive – 535.

Results of the Kuusamo Log Houses Experiences survey in brief

In this blog post, we will provide a brief overview of the key results of our 2021 customer satisfaction survey.

In the respondents’ opinion, the overall rating of our company on a scale from 4 to 10 was 8.4. According to open feedback, we were most commonly chosen based on good value for money, price, extensive range, layout, local character, recommendations, and good salesperson performance.

Kuusamo Log Houses Experiences:

  • 98% feel that the reputation of Kuusamo Log Houses is very good or quite good.
  • Given the choice, 86% would consider Kuusamo Log Houses again as a supplier.
  • 84% of the respondents considered multiple supplier candidates.
  • 76% had already recommended or would be willing to recommend Kuusamo Log Houses to others.
  • 61% of the respondents maintained their opinion about Kuusamo Log Houses during the project (17% felt that the company’s image improved and 17% that it weakened).

The primary source of information on Kuusamo Log Houses

In this regard, the Internet, general recognition, recommendations, and various events were emphasized.

In keeping with modern trends, information about us was primarily searched for on the Internet. It should be noted that a significant share of the respondents knew us from before or had learned about us from recommendations of a friend/acquaintance. These three options were clearly emphasized in the responses. Fairs and other events constituted the fourth most popular way for finding information about Kuusamo Log Houses.

What three factors influenced the choice the most (choose three most important options)

As regards the “three factors influencing the choice the most”, it can be said that our strength consists in expert salespersons. The expertise is evident especially in understanding of the special features of log construction. Expertise comes through experience. The majority of log houses used as holiday homes are modified and designed by us to meet the individual needs, which means that experience plays an important role in making of the choices in the early stages of the project. The choices made during the sales process and good design also have a significant impact on the price of the log building.

Modifiability of the building, log quality, and the general fluency of co-operation played an important role in the responses.

  • Price (47 %)
  • Seller’s expertise (36 %)
  • General fluency of co-operation (34 %)
  • Modifiability of the building (34 %)
  • Log quality (33 %)
  • Versatile range (22 %)

In the respondent’s opinion, what is the best thing about the building they acquired?

We asked our respondents to tell in their own words the best thing about the log building they had acquired. In addition to quality, the log material, model, modifiability, individuality, and the whole complex were emphasized in the responses. Below are examples of the responses.

  • Large windows and spaciousness
  • Complete solution
  • Personal form
  • Own model, everything went well, everything desired was possible
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Model and log quality
  • Complete solution, general feel about the finished building.
  • Building package exactly as desired
  • Everything
  • The fact that it was built according to my images
  • Wood quality
  • Brightness, smell of wood
  • Layout
  • The design of the house, we got what we desired.
  • We were able to influence the layout, good quality logs, everything went fairly well.

Kuusamo Log Houses Experiences: Examples of open responses

Below are excerpts from the open feedback under our customer satisfaction survey in response to the question: “Why did you end up choosing Kuusamo Log Houses?”

“The face to face deal negotiations were very thorough and the salespersons had reserved time for this. The price was also competitive as per prior expectations.”

”Because of the best range”

”Value for money, implementation according to our drawings”

“The most suitable house package and layout for us”

”We fell in love with the model Nuuna. Nuuna’s layout and windows/brightness suited us perfectly. The possibility of adapting Nuuna to our needs was also an important aspect.”

“In case of Kuusamo, the first contact took place directly through Kuusamo’s web form, and the response was friendly and helpful. I decided to choose the company that showed interest in winning me as a customer.”

Kuusamo Log Houses Experiences – we express our humble gratitude to all who participated in our customer satisfaction survey.

We believe that our company can improve its operations and services in the long run, as the world of log construction is far from complete. Finally, we express our humble gratitude to all who participated in our customer satisfaction survey and/or provided valuable feedback on our work in some other way.

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