Small apartments and detached houses are appealing to more and more families. The Kuusamo Log Houses range includes suitable models for those dreaming of a small log home.

Families wanting to live in their own houses near urban centres has increased the demand for small log houses lately. City and growth centre plots are usually very small, so the houses need to be compact in size as well. In this article, we discuss why a log home is one of the most natural building options for such areas.

You can find your small log home in our holiday home range

Plot sizes in urban areas are another factor increasing the demand of smaller living spaces. The most typical urban Kuusamo Log House buildings range from 100 to 130 square meters, but interest in smaller dwellings has been increasing consistently. Kuusamo sales representative Nikolaus Määttä has had his share of inquiries about small houses.

The large windows in the living room of the small log home provide plenty of light. There is a sofa in front of the window, with a person sitting on it reading a book.
The 87-square-meter log home Järvikarhu is a modern small log home full of personality.

– New city plots are usually small. Plot prices direct people towards more efficient building, meaning that small log houses are increasingly appealing, Määttä says.

– The smallest residential log home in our standard range is 75 square meters, but those interested in an even smaller home can modify a holiday home into a permanent residence.

– The smallest holiday homes in the Kuusamo Log Houses range are 32 square meters in size, but we would recommend having slightly more space in order to be able to include all the necessary amenities for permanent living. When making the change from a holiday home into a small permanent residence, all structures need to be designed and built with consideration of building and energy ordinances. Zoning ordinances also impact the completion of a building project in a material way, and these should be checked as early as in the design phase.

– The most significant practical modifications when turning a holiday home into a proper home are careful room planning and updating structures to meet the requirements of permanent living. Other things to consider include energy efficiency requirements, room heights, and dimensioning and accessibility requirements, Määttä explains.

The terrace of log villa Nuuna with two people standing on it.
The Gunnar couple had the log villa Nuuna built as their forever home.

Modifiability makes it possible to leave your own mark

Kuusamo Log Houses standard models can be modified to meet the individual needs and wishes of customers in other ways too.

– Each building we deliver is a custom project completed by paying careful attention to customer needs. Whether the starting point is a standard model or a house built on the basis of customer schematics.

Most Kuusamo Log Houses customers know that it is possible to make custom modifications to standard models.

– The scope of modifiability however comes as a positive surprise to many. Some customers have said that there are so many options that the mind is flooded with too many ideas, Määttä laughs.

When it comes to Kuusamo Log Houses models, you can implement pretty much any changes – enlarge the windows, move dividing walls around, change the order of rooms, or vary roof shapes. Each delivered log home is thus a unique whole. People at Kuusamo Log Houses have said that they have probably never delivered two log buildings that are exactly alike. The same house model can be made to look very traditional or very modern, depending on the technical solutions used.

A small log home picture from the outside.
This log home was built in an area dominated by wooden houses. The traditional atmosphere of the area was captured by an open vestibule, a steep ridged roof, a windowed lantern upstairs, and lattice windows.

This small log home in helsinki is a charmer

One of the smallest two-storey homes supplied by Kuusamo Log Houses is in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki. As is often the case in the capital region, the size of the house was limited primarily by the small plot.

– The owner had thought of each detail with ingenuity at the design stage, and the goal was to use all of the available space and avoid wasted space, says Määttä, who mentions the additional storage space in the staircase steps as an example.

Pictured detail shows the stairs of the small log home with shoe storage space in the steps.
In a small home, space solutions often require clever insights. The stairs in this home were custom-made by a carpenter.

– We had to move with exceptional speed here, and because the customer already had a building permit, the materials were delivered only two months after the initial contact. It should go without saying that the customer was very happy, Määttä says.

Take a tour of the small log home in Puistola in our video showing!

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The ecological characteristics and energy efficiency of log come as surprises

Määttä would also like to remind everyone of the excellent properties of log, which should be considered when designing a new home – whether you are dreaming of a large or small house.

– Log is a safe, single-substance material that features excellent ecological and energy efficiency characteristics. The speed of log building comes as a surprise to many. Erecting a log home up to the “weather-protected” stage can happen in only a few weeks, which is a cost benefit when compared with other types of construction, Määttä says.

– Many people don’t come to think of how tight log houses actually are. Modern log homes are energy efficient, which is the result of precise machining and technologically advanced insulation solutions. When the logs, windows, doors, and all barrier layers have been carefully installed in place, the log house becomes very air tight.

A small log home can also be modified in many ways by various structural solutions. Unique customisations can result in either very traditional or modern-looking buildings.

Small log home models

The log house Enola 75 is a small one bedroom log home. The house features everything one needs, and the space is utilised to the maximum.

The small log home Tyyni 82 is a timelessly classic two bedroom log home. Its modern design language makes it sit well in cities too.

The log villa Pesä 67 can also be modified into a small log home.

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