Kuusamo Log Houses carried out a customer satisfaction survey, which aimed to map the company’s customer satisfaction. The received results are encouraging.

The customer satisfaction survey was carried out in cooperation with Innolink in September-October 2018, and it was carried out as both an electronic questionnaire and as supplementing phone interviews in Finland. The target group of the survey included Kuusamo Log Houses’ customers during the years 2014-2017. The customer satisfaction survey is based on 622 responses, of which 507 were electronic and 115 were phone interviews.

According to the survey, several factors affected the choice of Kuusamo Log Houses. The most commonly mentioned reason was the price, but also the suitability of the house model with the customer’s needs, and the salesperson’s activities in the sales situation were decisive factors. Good floor plans, the quality and overall entities of the product also affected the choice.

The answers of the survey indicate that the most satisfaction in the completed building focused on comfort, appearance and the building’s suitability for its intended purpose.

Key results of the customer satisfaction survey (all respondents)

  • 98 % consider the reputation of Kuusamo Log Houses to be extremely or rather good.
  • 89 % could consider Kuusamo Log Houses as their supplier again, if they were now in a choice-making situation.
  • 80 % have already or would be ready to recommend Kuusamo Log Houses to others.
  • 85 % of the respondents gave the end result a grade of 9-10 on a scale of 4-10.

Source: Kuusamo Log Houses’ customer satisfaction survey 2018