Kuusamo Log Houses’ new narrow-seamed and modern laminated log represents an advanced wood processing technique.

The shape of the log is the result of long-term development work, and the diverse shape of the spine part of the log has its own important purpose.

The modern laminated log differs in terms of its seam insulation technology from other manufacturers’ similar products. The modern laminated log is equipped with a total of four seam insulations, two of which are pre-installed already when they are delivered to the construction site. The new seam insulation technology allows the seam of the log to be definitely tight and functional. Many of the sites that have been delivered with the new log profile have undergone building tightness measurements and they have obtained excellent results, up to less than the passive house classification (0.6). The modern laminated log, the high-quality genuine northern wood with excellent processing features and delivered with sheered corner joints, provides the building a modern and stylish appearance.

The modern laminated log is available in three different thicknesses, 202 mm, 230 mm and 275 mm. Log is excellent for both detached houses as well as holiday homes that are used around the year.