Cookies on Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy’s website

So-called cookies can be transferred to visitors’ computers. Cookies enable the collection of data about the page you have been directed from to the address, what you have browsed on our website and when, as well as what browser you have used, what operating system you have, what the resolution of your display is, and what your computer’s IP address is, i.e. the Internet address from which information you transmit comes from and where they are received.

Cookies allows Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy and its partners to monitor the number of visitors using the service, as well as analyse and develop the website to better serve visitors. In addition, Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy’s partners may use cookies, which collect information about visitors’ visits to our website, in order to target advertising,

The information collected by means of cookies can be used on the basis of visitors’ interests to produce targeted marketing. The visitor shall not be identified for the purpose of targeted marketing produced with cookies, and the information shall not be linked to personal data that may have been obtained in other circumstances.

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, we can collect information about whether the emails have been opened and whether any actions have been made via them, such as access to the website.

There may be functions in use on our website, such as Facebook’s Like button, which content is directly from Facebook. Facebook, Google and other similar service providers can collect information about visitors’ visits according to their valid terms and conditions at any given time.

Visitors may prevent the use of cookies by changing browser settings in such a way that cookies are not allowed to be saved.